Sea buckthorn cocktail


  • 1.5 oz green garden gin
  • 1 oz sea buckthorn juice
  • 0.5 oz clover honey
  • 0.5 oz of rose syrup
  • 3 oz Harrington Wintergreen Sparkling Water, chilled


  • Mixture of maple sugar and sea buckthorn pulp
  • 1 clover flower


  1. If desired, steep a glass in water, then in a shallow dish of pulp of a mixture of sea buckthorn pulp and maple sugar.
  2. Pour the first 4 ingredients into a glass filled with ice cubes.
  3. Mix with a spoon.
  4. Pour in Harrington sparkling water.

Garnish with a clover flower.

Nutritional value for one serving: 

 227 Kcals, 0 g lipids, 25 g carbohydrates (0 g fibres), 0 g protein

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